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5G Monthly Plan1

Offer 5G SIM Plan 5G Monthly Plan with Handset Voucher
Monthly Fee2,3 $388 $688 $638 $938
Local Data4,5 100GB 200GB 100GB 200GB
Add-on Data +$98/month for Net+ up to 2x network speed + 4.5G Infinity Data
+$58/month for 4.5G Infinity Data
Handset Voucher - $6,000 $7,500
Additional Offers - Enjoy one designated value-added services (value $59/mth)
HMVOD 5movie tickets + unlimited view of "VIP unlimited" or
Flexi Entertainment Pack or
3Gamer Deluxe Pack or
Handset Replacement Service
5G Monthly Plan Details and Terms: 5G SIM Plan; 5G Monthly Plan with Handset Voucher

4.5G SIM Monthly Plan1

Monthly Fee2,3 Limited
Exclusive for port-in customer:
Exclusive for port-in customer:
Local Data4,5 6GB 12GB 15GB
Upgrade to infinity data, +$58/month (originally $238)6
Additional Offers - Enjoy extra
2GB Mainland China-HK-Macau Shared Data7-9 +
Up to $40 rebate per month for bulk order10
Terms and Conditions

4.5G Multi-SIM Monthly Plan1

One single service plan and share the data & voice entitlements among multiple devices. It is flexible and best fit the businessman with more than one device.

Monthly Fee2,3 $298
(Avg. $99/SIM)
(Avg. $116/SIM)
(Avg. $183/SIM)
Shared Local Data4,5 15GB 15GB 30GB
Mainland China-HK-Macau Shared Data6,7,8 - 5GB 10GB
No of. SIM Cards5 3
(1 primary SIM + 2 secondary SIMs)
Terms and Conditions

Greater China Monthly Plan

  • Data shared in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Macau and Taiwan with one monthly plan
  • Add on China Number Service for easy access to online service such as e-banking and e-payment.
  • Stay connected with WhatsApp, Facebook, Hong Kong news and frequently-used Hong Kong Apps
Monthly Fee 1 $188 $238 $328
Mainland China, HK, Macau, Taiwan Shared Data2,3 5GB
Local voice (min)5 Unlimited
Voice minutes in Mainland China / Macau / Taiwan6 Mainland China & Macau: $0.65/min
Taiwan: $2.5/min
Sending SMS in Mainland China / Macau / Taiwan6 $0.65/sms
Greater China Plan details
Terms and Conditions

Getaway Service

  • Covers 110 destinations worldwide, including global worry-free data & unlimited talk time for incoming & outgoing call to Hong Kong
Monthly Fee1 $78
Global Data Worry-free Data (total 80 days) *,1a
Global Voice Minutes Unlimited talk time for incoming & outgoing call to Hong Kong*,1b
International Airtime 60mins/ month*,1b
Covered Destinations 110 destinations worldwide
Local Data & Voice Minutes 500MB/ month local data2 & unlimited local voice minutes
Exclusive Offer Oversea Free Travel Hotline 10374
*Thereafter charge is $25/day2a. For unlimited talk time for incoming and outgoing call to Hong Kong, 60 minutes per month of voice minutes for calling to designated destinations (except some area codes or destinations)2b, both must be made via 3 Super Talk app.
"Getaway" Service coverage & details
Terms and Conditions

Exclusive Offers1

Enjoy exclusive offers upon subscription of SIM & Handset Plans

Local Add-on Data2-4 Mainland China-HK-Macau Shared Add-on Data2-6 Infinity Local Social Data Pack2,3
+$20 / 2GB
+$60 / 6GB
+$20 / 1GB
+$60 / 3GB
Infinity Data
Terms and Conditions

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