Soy sause crab
Soy sauce crab is an expensive Korean dish, which typically costs about HKD400 per serving. However, in Ayeon-dong that is just a few stations away from Myeong-don station, a restaurant named Ahyeondong Ganjang Gejang serves the dish for just about HKD100. There are two sauce options to choose from: spicy and original. Order both, and it is still cheaper than having one serving in some more expensive restaurants.

Ahyeondong Ganjang Gejang
Opening hours:
10:00-21:00 (14:00-17:00 Close);
Close day: Sunday and Public Holiday
5-min walk from Ahyeon station.

Korean beef (Hanwoo)
Based on the criteria of fat distribution and the color of the beef, Korean beef is graded as 1++, 1+, 1, 2 or 3, with first as the highest. Chilbaek Sikdang is a Korean BBQ restaurant that serves only 1++ Korean beef. Each serving includes 150g of tenderloin, beef ribs, and tendon meat, and it costs less than HKD200. Next time when you want to enjoy some high-quality beef at a reasonable price, you know where to go.

Opening Hours:
5-min walk from Hongik University station.