Spicy Hot Pot
Besides spicy hot pot, Top One Pot serves sauerkraut pot and double-stewed soup. The spicy pot is made of selected peppers such as bell peppers, Sichuan Dahongpao, and aromatic bone soup, all prepared according to the golden ratio. You can choose from ingredients including Kagoshima A5 beef steak, Taiwan's best black-haired pig, seafood platter, and more.

Top One Pot
Opening hours:
Weekday lunch 11: 00-14: 00 (LO 13:30)
Weekday dinner:
17:00-22:00 (L.O.21:00)
11:00-22:00 (L.O. 21:00)
Take Exit 3 of Jiannan MRT Station and walk for about 5 minutes along Jingye 3rd Road.

An omakase meal in Hong Kong usually costs you a few thousand dollars, whereas "靛居鮨" costs just one-fourth as much. The restaurant serves both donburi and omakase, with omakase lunch starting from TWD880. Based on the freshest ingredients available, the chef creates menus and prepare dishes at the spur of the moment. You can feast on fish such as sea breams, small muscles, and black throat sea perches. The restaurant has 12 seats only and serves three rounds per day, so we recommend you making a reservation in advance.

Opening hours:
12:00-14:00; 17:30-21:20
Close day:
5-min walk from Banciao Station

Sesame oil chicken soup
With loads of health benefits, sesame oil chicken soup is something you can’t miss in Winter. Atu Sesame Oil Chicken, a famous Taiwanese restaurant, has 5 branches in Taipei, specializing in sesame oil chicken and other dishes such as pig’s heart, pig’s kidney, and chicken rice blood. The sesame flavor is absorbed right into the noodles, making the combination even more delicious and unbeatable.

Atu sesame oil chicken
Opening hours:
Monday to Satuarday 11:00-23:00
Close day:
3-min walk from Exit 1, Zhongshan Elementary School Station.