Dash Cam is what you need on the road!
Nowadays, a car camera record is not for driving only. It is also important for parking when you meet the case of "Hit and Run" With dashcam and 5G network, you can monitor your car in real-time on mobile and backup your videos to cloud when incidents occur automatically with our most reliable 5G network.
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The essentials of good investment are speed and accuracy!
Using real-time streaming stock quotes with 5G network and real-time broker queue, you can keep abreast of market conditions even you are in a busy area avoid missing good opportunities and make timely investment decisions faster!
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Stream like never before
5G is about to boost the fan experience by offering up to 8K ultra high-definition live video streams and alternative angles without any buffering. It will also enhance users' viewing experience by creating more immersive Augmented Reality (AR) effects.
The real game changer
5G will allow virtual reality (VR) gaming experience to reach its full potential as it requires a super-responsive network with lower latency and higher speeds. The arrival of 5G means your VR gaming experience will be smooth and natural with a reduced lag time, therefore, be ready to fully immerse yourself in a new gaming world.
Revolutionise classroom learning
5G is going to bring effective learning for all by creating an interactive, virtual environment. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) educational tools will bring abstract ideas to life, enabling students to explore and experience at their own pace regardless of their location. For example, medical students can practice surgery procedures on a virtual patient.