5G Live Broadcasting Solution
The 5G network, along with professional live streaming equipment, creates huge opportunities for a wide range of industries such as retail and entertainment. Recently, as the 5G live broadcast partner of Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra and Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, 3HK provided "3HK X HKCO 5G. Syncs with the Power of Drums" and "HK Phil 2020/21 Season Preview Concert" with comprehensive 5G technical support, and live streamed the events in 4K ultra high-definition via its 5G network for music fans worldwide.
Who needs a fitting room?
5G will offer a vast increase in in-store intelligence and digital interactions with consumers. From mass deployment of IoT in stores, adoption of AR apps and smart signage displays to self-service kiosks, retailers can provide highly personalized shopping experience to their shoppers.
An era of robots and drones
Enabling real-time exchange of visual information and data, 5G will make it possible to inspect facilities and monitor large-scale infrastructure remotely with drones and robots. For example, the property owner can quickly detect and repair any hidden cracks and defects on pipes.
Build a better workplace
5G will empower digital workplaces and enhance productivity by integrating technologies such as AI, internet of things (IoT), Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). Resources like smart conference rooms, face recognition system and IoT sensors will be widely adopted, making offices more efficient and comfortable for everyone.