3 Hong Kong presents 見或不見 MV
見或不見 is the latest release of 3 Hong Kong, telling a touching story about the gathering and separation of people in our big world. This is the third cooperation between Hins Cheung and NG Cheuk-yin after 櫻花樹下 and 百年樹木, and they play the two protagonists in the story who meet each other in the city. Watch the music video now to see what happens to the two characters who meet by chance.
Music and 5G network have one thing in common - connecting people
3 Hong Kong presents an all-new sonic brand identity based on Chopin's Fantaisie-Impromptu Opus 66, which integrates the world's musical instruments to present its brand vision – One World. By using music, the language that unites the world, 3 Hong Kong similarly crosses geographic boundaries and connects the world by its powerful network.
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