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Enjoy seamless local data service with new "Data Auto-Refill"
With Data Auto-Refill, Monthly Plan subscribers can now enjoy seamless local data access. All you have to do is to make a one-time subscription, then the system will "auto refill" your data at a special rate of $9 per 200 MB once your monthly plan data entitlement is used up. No contract and monthly subscription are required!
Data Auto-Refill Benefits:

A hassle-free arrangement for seamless data access
Your data will be automatically refilled and you don’t have to register every month.

Special rate for top-up data

Monthly top-up charge max cap
Once your total spending on Data Auto-Refill $9/200MB reaches the monthly top-up max cap of $198/$298, you can enjoy unlimited data access at no extra cost. (For details, please refer to the table below)
Data Auto-Refill Monthly top-up data charge max cap
$9/200MB $298
(applicable to the monthly plan with under 5GB basic data entitlement)
(applicable to the monthly plan with basic data entitlement of 5GB or above)
Terms and conditions
  1. "Data Auto-Refill" (the "Plan") is only applicable to 3HK monthly subscribers of designated monthly service plans (except for Family Plan, roaming monthly plan and Fair Usage Policy monthly plan).
  2. The Plan is only applicable to local mobile data usage. The maximum download speed will be subject to the relevant designated monthly service plan under which this Plan is subscribed for.
  3. After subscription of the Plan, when the local data usage of any applicable monthly service plan, data contract pack and bonus data has reached 100% of such entitlement (as the case may be and if applicable), the Plan will be activated immediately with SMS notification, auto top up at $9/200MB.
  4. Maximum monthly top-up is capped at $198 (applicable to local data monthly plan with basic data entitlement of 5GB or above excluding any bonus data) and at $298 (applicable to local data monthly plan with basic data entitlement of below 5GB excluding any bonus data) respectively.  Customer may continue to enjoy unlimited data after reaching the maximum cap under the Plan until the relevant billing cutoff date of the relevant monthly service plan. 
  5. If subscriber changes to another designated monthly service plan after having subscribed for the Plan, the maximum monthly top-up cap under the Plan will be subject to the designated monthly service plan being subscribed for before the relevant billing cutoff date.  The billing cutoff date of both the Plan and the relevant monthly service plan is the same.
  6. Termination of the Plan will become effective at 00:00 (Hong Kong time) on the day following the relevant billing cutoff date once instructed. 
  7. 3HK reserves the right to amend the contents, terms and conditions of this offer at any time without prior notice and will have the right of final decision in case of any dispute.