Infinity Data
Local/ Mainland China-HK-Macau Data Pack
Top-up Data Pack
Data Auto Refill
Net+ Service
Top-up Data Pack
Plan Fee
4.5G Full Speed Monthly Plan $48/200MB $90/1GB
4.5G Multi-SIM Monthly Plan $48/200MB $90/1GB $270/6GB
4.5G Multi-SIM Monthly Plan Junior Version $48/200MB $90/1GB $180/6GB
4G 21Mbps Monthly Plan $38/100MB
Note: For existing customer with contract, the top up fee will be charged according to the related service contract, please refer to My Account for details for the charges.

Top Up Data Pack (per monthly)^
Plan Monthly Fee
Applicable to all day $40/1GB or $70/2.5GB
"Night Fever"
(Applicable from 11p.m. - 7a.m.)
$40/3GB or $70/7.5GB
Unlimited Data
Maximum data access speed (upload & download) is 7.2Mbps+
^ Applicable for designated Monthly Plan
+ The speed experienced by customer may be less than this and will be affected by the network setting, network specification, user's device, transmission technology, individual network and software used, coverage, usage level and extraneous factors.

How to purchase additional data via My3 App
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