Metapedia - [ 3Crypto Series ]
June 20, 2022

Which cryptocurrency is the best for beginners?

With thousands of cryptocurrencies available out there, how can we choose the right one for investment? In this feature, let's take a look at the two most popular cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ether.

Created in 2019, Bitcoin (BTC) was the first established cryptocurrency in the market. It is a decentralized currency that can be sent from user to user on the peer-to-peer network without the need for a bank or intermediaries. As the first application of blockchain technology, all Bitcoins are created electronically with a maximum total supply of 21 million. That is why it is so scarce in the market.

Shortly after the Bitcoin's release, Ether (ETH) came under the spotlight and became another popular cryptocurrency. It belongs to the blockchain network, Ethereum, which has developed its own blockchain applications. Unlike Bitcoin, Ether has no limits on its total amount and therefore it is relatively less scarce. One thing to note is that Ether can only be used within Ethereum.

Before investing or diving into cryptocurrency, make sure you understand both the opportunities and risks involved, and choose a reliable trading platform.
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