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A step closer to the Metaverse!
Metapedia - [ 3Crypto Series ]
June 27, 2022

A step closer to the Metaverse!

While the term "Metaverse" may seem a novel idea to many, it had already made its appearance way back in 1992! In this feature, let’s learn more about this concept and its origin.

The term "Metaverse" can be traced back to the 1992 science-fiction novel, Snow Crash, written by Neal Stephenson, an American writer known for his works of speculative fiction. In the novel, the Metaverse is a shared digital space that brings together the real world and the virtual one. A portmanteau of the prefix "meta" meaning "beyond", and "verse", the contraction of "universe", the word "Metaverse" would mean "beyond our universe".


The Metaverse has received much attention since Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced his company is rebranding itself as Meta. He sees the Metaverse as a key trend for the future, which will not only prevent his company from relying too heavily on ad revenues, but also increase their revenue streams through selling virtual goods and services. Following his decision, many enterprises and investors are turning to this market, exploring its potential.

While many assume that the Metaverse is virtual reality, it is actually the experience that defines its core. For instance, with the Metaverse, we can optimise our online experience. Back in the 2000s, the exchange of information in the form of text and images was all the Internet could do, but now, we can make use of it to download documents, connect with people around the world, join a video conference and watch shows on streaming platforms like Netflix and HBO.

In the Metaverse, a new immersive version of the Internet, we can socialise, play and get things done using a digital avatar. And thanks to the two technologies, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), we can even move around and interact with others in a real-time virtual 3D world. Everything just sounds like a science fiction.
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