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August 15, 2022

Be a creator, create your unique NFT and become famous!

Do you want to create your NFT? Take action now! If you follow these 4 tips, your NFT can probably become famous!

1/ Uniqueness
Style matters! Before you create any NFT artwork, you should first think about what style you want to present. CryptoPunks, the precursor of NFT, is famous for its pixel style, similar to the electronic games of the 80s. So please find your style before you start!

2/ Rarity
Many people consider collecting as an investment and specifically collect rare items. It is highly recommended to try as many combinations as possible when creating NFT. For example, CryptoKitties has each a unique set of characteristics and design of NFT. Limiting the number of attributes, plus having different combinations are key to making their NFT rare and famous! And, it all depends on how much effort the designer put in!

3/ Creativity and concepts
To determine the value of an artwork, the rationale behind it is as essential as its appearance or design. Sometimes the impressive and touching story behind it gives the work greater artistic value!

4/ Use the NFT tools wisely
It is not a good idea to use Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop to create a large number of NFTs. Like CryptoPunks, there are already 10,000 just for PFP (Profile Picture), and you cannot create them all individually by hand. Some free NFT generator tools can help with this, but be wary of the risk of theft. To avoid this risk, it is advisable to have your own generator. If you have no prior knowledge of programming, you can find many online tutorials for the best solution!
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