Metapedia - [ 3Crypto Series ]
August 17, 2022

How to get started with cryptocurrency?

Want to try cryptocurrency investment but don't know how and where to get started? Frustrated with complicated procedures? Not sure if the threshold is higher than expected?

In fact, there are many ways to buy cryptocurrencies. Buying and selling cryptocurrencies can generally be carried out on cryptocurrency exchanges. Such trading platforms usually have websites and applications for users to conduct transactions. After opening an account, you can pay by bank transfer, credit card or debit card for purchase.

In addition, the minimum unit of buying and selling cryptocurrencies is not limited to "1". Most people might think that the price of cryptocurrency and the investment costs are high. However, buyers are allowed to choose to make a purchase in 0.1 or even 0.01 units, so you could enter the market for as low as a few hundred Hong Kong dollars. However, you need to be aware that different platforms might charge different administration fees. All investments involve risks. Therefore, please make sure you analyse properly before making any investment decisions.
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