Fun Sharing
Monthly Plan
The New Fun Sharing Monthly Plan
  • Data usage shared across China, Hong Kong, Macau
  • Enjoy access to social media apps
  • Select optional China mobile number so you can
    set up e-payment, call taxi, rent bicycle and
    online shopping easily
If you will also travel to other destinations, you may activate other roaming services if needed.

SIM Monthly Fee (24 month contract) 1 $188
Mainland China, HK, Macau Shared Data 2 3GB
Local voice (min) 9 Basic 3500
Heart-to-Heart 2000
Voice minutes in Mainland China /
Macau 10
Sending SMS in Mainland China /
Macau 10
Free First 2-month of China voice package monthly fee
Optional top-up service:
Data Top up 4 $38/200MB or $90/1GB
China voice package monthly fee 11 $38/month* included China mobile number and first 30 voice minutes^ in Mainland China
^Voice minutes in Mainland China are applicable to incoming calls, outgoing calls to local and Hong Kong.
Thereafter Local Charge
Designated Destinations & Network Operator
Destination Network Operator
Hong Kong 3
Macau 3
Mainland China China Unicom
Terms and Conditions