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Setup & Support
Designated 4G / 5G monthly plan customers can connect Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE / Galaxy Watch Active2 LTE / Galaxy Watch3 LTE to mobile network and share the same mobile number with your smartphone, enjoying location mobile network connection at ease.

What you need

Check your smartphone compatible
  1. Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE / Galaxy Watch Active2 LTE / Galaxy Watch3 LTE to support handset requirement
  2. Android Smartphone:
    • Android 5.0 or later
    • 1.5GB RAM or above
    iOS Smartphone:
    • iPhone 5 with iOS 9 or later
  3. Designated 3 Hong Kong 4G monthly plan (dial *113# to check your monthly plan's eligibility. You will receive an reply SMS)
  4. Your smartphone and Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE / Galaxy Watch Active2 LTE / Galaxy Watch3 LTE must be 3HK customers.
  5. eSIM service monthly fee is HK$18
How to connect to mobile network

Visit 3Shop、call 1033 or 3iChat to apply your eSIM service

Visit My Account then select eSIM service>
Click "Activate Now">
Receive Email with QR code

Scan QR code to download eSIM and setup connection as below
1. Start your Galaxy Watch
  1. Press and hold Power button until the device turns on
  2. The watch failed to turn on, please charge the watch
2. To connect your Watch to a smartphone, open Galaxy Wearable app
  1. You can download the app from Samsung Galaxy Apps / Google Play / iOS Apps Store
3. Connect the Watch
  1. Move the Watch closer to the smartphone, Pick your device to tap the Watch, the pairing request window is displayed, confirm the passkeys displayed on your watch and smartphone match, and the tap OK
  2. Follow the prompts to complete the connection
4. Agree to the Terms of the user
  1. After reading and agreeing to the terms of the user, click [NEXT]
  2. Sign in your Samsung account
5. Setup your Mobile Service
  1. Wait for about 40 seconds, the Watch will find your mobile network
  2. Tap "Use code" to scan QR code
6. Scan QR code
  1. Use your smartphone to scan QR code
  2. Tap "CONNECT" to the 3HK network
7. Setup complete
  1. After completing the settings, you can use the same phone number as your mobile phone to make/receive voice calls or send and receive messages
  2. If failed to setup, please contract 3HK
 The above screen may differ from the actual screen
If you need assistance, please use online iChat support or contact CS Hotline at 1033.
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