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TCL 10 5G
SIM + Standalone Offer
5G Special Offer
5G Subscription Plan
Full discount handset price1

Monthly Plan $248
  • +$58/month for thereafter 4.5G Infinity Local Data1,2,3,^
  • Free delivery6
  • Free Monster iSport Spirit Bluetooth wireless headphone7 (value $359)
5G Local Data
Monthly Plan
$248/ month
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Voice mins
28 months
Handset Price
Subscription Price
Prepayment (by credit card autopay)
Monster iSport Spirit Bluetooth wireless headphone
(value $359)
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5G Data Top Up Options
+$98/ month3
Net+ up to 2x network speed5,#
+ 4.5G Infinity data4,^
Thereafter Local Charge
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Order Now
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Free Value-Added Services: Caller Number Display, Call Waiting, Conference Call, Call Barring, VoiceMail, Roaming Default Call, Call Forward Bundle and Call Forward Minute Package
+[Exclusive] as stated in the text refers to the first day of publication of this promotional material and for local mobile network communication service providers.
^ Enjoy freely use 4.5G full speed data once the mobile data usage reaches the 5G data entitlement of the subscribed plan
#Net+ Service: You will be prioritized on the mobile network with more network resources being in order to enhance your experience over mobile
*5G network experience may be affected due to various factors including but not limited to network setting/specification or coverage, the features or functionality of individual mobile device, transmission technology, network traffic and usage, speed of websites servers, service stability of other content providers, weather and other circumstantial factors (e.g. blockades such as buildings, mountains, tunnels) which may lead to radio interference. Subject to 5G Service Terms and Conditions of 3HK.
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