VoiceMail Operation Guide
VoiceMail service allows you to manage your voicemails.
You can get into your mailbox by calling from your video mobile phone or any other phone, and listen to the messages.
Connect to Voice Mail
  • Press *32 on your handset; OR
  • Dialing 6332 3232 via tone-dial fixed line or any handset.
  • When calling from aboard, dialing IDD access code +852 6332 3232 via tone-dial fixed line or any mobile phone.
Listen to The Voice Messages
  • You can access your mailbox from mobile phone by dialing *32 or calling 6332 3232, and entering your 3 mobile number and your VoiceMail PIN.
  • Can store 20 VoiceMails with 1 minute each. But once your mailbox is full, callers will not be able to leave you voicemails.
Message Retention Period
  • Both unattended and saved voice mail messages will be erased automatically 72 hours after the message is received by the system.