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Monthly Fee $1981 for 10GB
( 8GB local2 + 2GB Mainland China, HK, Macau Shared Data3,4,6 )
FREE freely use WhatsApp and WeChat Data at 3 destinations1,4-6
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SIM Service Plan ("The Service") Terms and Conditions"
  1. Customer is required to subscribe designated 4.5G 6GB SIM Plan with successful port-in and commit to 24 months contract. The administration fee of $18 per month is required. $198 monthly fee includes basic $20 rebate per month and designated rebate of $100 per month during 24 months contract period (originally $318). Monthly fee rebate will be credited to customer's billing account by instalments during contract period. Monthly fee will be charged at the original plan fee (or at prevailing plan fee) after contract expired.
  2. 8GB local data per month includes basic 6GB per month and extra 2GB data during contract period.
  3. Applicable during contract period.
  4. Successful port-in from other mobile operator is required. This local and roaming data usage is applicable to the designated networks in Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China only.  Roaming voice call, roaming SMS, Home Direct Line service and roaming video call are not included.  Customer is required to activate "Full Roaming Service" to enjoy this offer and cannot be deactivated within the contract period. For details of "Full Roaming Service", please visit www.three.com.hk/roaming. Related roaming usage is subject to roaming coverage, system compatibility and other relevant conditions of the designated networks, which are subject to change without prior notice.
  5. The offer is only applicable during the first 12-month bill months. This freely-used offer among Mainland China, HK, Macau shared social data usage is solely applied for designated social mobile apps of WhatsApp and WeChat which are VoIP voice call, delivery of text and voice messages, images and video clips, excluding Apps download, software update, playing videos via WeChat Moment, using in-app location based features, using WeChat wallet, accessing or downloading content from and/or redirection to any other websites or applications within the designated Apps and any extra mobile data required by pop up messages. Any other and non-waived mobile data usage will be deducted from the service data entitlement. The designated social mobile apps of WhatsApp and WeChat are provided by a third supplier, namely WhatsApp Inc. and Tencent International Service Pte. Ltd. ("Social Apps"). The content and the settings of the Social Apps service may change from time to time without any notice. 3HK shall not be responsible for any liability incurred from or in connection with the content, the downloading of the Social Apps, the use of Social Apps service (including but not limited to the accuracy of the information provided by the third party supplier, and any fees, expenses, losses and damages incurred form or caused by the downloading of the Social Apps and/or the use of Social Apps service by the Customers or any other persons) and/or failure or unable to use the full or part of the Social Apps service due to the aforesaid changes and other circumstances beyond 3HK's reasonable control.
  6. If customer uses data service while locates outside Macau and Mainland China, customer could purchase or use 3HK's other data roaming service plans, customer will be charged at this particular data plans accordingly, otherwise, Standard Roaming Rate will be applied. After contract has expired or promotion period, if customer uses data service in Macau and Mainland China, customer could purchase or use 3HK's other data roaming service plans, customer will be charged at this particular data plans accordingly, otherwise, Standard Roaming Rate will be applied.
  7. Customer can pay $38 per month additionally for "China voice" package ("Package"), details:
    • Package included a Mainland China mobile number and first 30 minutes of roaming voice call ("Free Minutes") #, applicable to incoming calls, outgoing calls to local and Hong Kong (not applicable to Home Direct Line service) within Mainland China and thereafter rated at $0.98/min. Free Minutes will be offered and calculated on the basis of the actual number of days for which the relevant subscriber subscribes for the Package and thus the Free minutes offered to the subscriber for the first and last months of the subscription period for the Package shall be on a pro-rata basis. The unused or expired Free Minutes for each of the subscription months for the Package cannot be accumulated for use for the next month but will be cancelled accordingly upon the expiry of each subscription month. Free minutes will be terminated simultaneously upon the termination of the Package.
    • # Customer can also additionally pay $10 per month (total $48 per) to further obtain a Macau mobile number to include in the Package. However, Free Minutes are not applicable to the usage in Macau. Macau mobile number is provided by Hutchison Telephone (Macau) Company Limited ("3MO")
    • The monthly fee for first 2 months is free ("The Offer"), afterwards, it will be charged at $38 per month starting at the 3rd month. The Offer is only applicable to new subscription of the Package, required to apply at the same day of subscription and before 30 April, 2018. The Offer is not applicable to Macau mobile number, customer is still required to pay monthly fees $10 for a Macau mobile number, thereafter, either $38 or $48 will be charged monthly starting from the 3rd month that depends on whether customer has subscribed a Macau mobile number or not.
    • Mainland China mobile number is provided by China United Network Communications Corporation Limited ("China Unicom").
    • The Service's contract period is also applicable to subscription of Package (including the additional Macau mobile number). 
    • Hong Kong mobile number is the primary number while the Mainland China mobile number and Macau mobile number (if applicable) is the secondary number.
    • When customer is located in Mainland China:
      • the secondary number* will be shown when making calls to any country.
      • the secondary number* will be shown when sending SMS to Mainland China phone numbers; while primary number* will be shown when sending SMS to phone numbers of countries other than Mainland China.
      *Subject to the supporting service scope and coverage which can actually been provided by the relevant roaming partner of 3HK (including but not limited to China Unicom) at each of the roaming areas.
    • If customer did not subscribe the Package and customer makes calls to any country or sends SMS to Mainland China phone number within the boundary of Mainland China, a Hong Kong mobile number will be shown accordingly.
    • An additional charge of $0.98 per min will be applied to all incoming calls to the secondary number of a customer when customer is then located in Hong Kong or using the mobile network other than the China Unicom network in China, or using the roaming service overseas.
    • The monthly fee is calculated on a monthly basis, which follows the applicable billing cycle for the relevant individual. There is no pro-rata fee for the first and last months of the subscription period for the service.
    • Unless otherwise specified, The Offer cannot be used in conjunction with other special promotions or discounts.
    • The customer shall oblige by China Unicom's service terms and conditions while using the China Mobile number in China Unicom's network and shall oblige by 3MO's service terms and conditions while using Macau mobile number in 3MO's network.  Such terms and conditions can be found on the official website of China Unicom and 3MO.

  • You must be aged 18 or over to enroll in this program.
  • You will be contacted via SMS, Whatsapp, email or by phone in 3 working days upon successful online registration.
  • HTCL will check against the account payment record, credit and contract term status of the registrant (including both the existing and former customers of HTCL) to determine the purchase arrangements with the registrant, which include the followings:
    • HTCL will request registrant to settle all overdue balance in his/her account(s) before proceeding with the subscription.
    • HTCL may decline the subscription request of the registrant based on his/her credit history and other account record with HTCL.
  • Registrant's personal information will be used for purpose of this registration program only.
  • Thereafter charges for this service please refer to www.three.com.hk.
  • All usage is subject to 3 Hong Kong Service Usage Policy and Fair Usage Policy.
  • Unless otherwise specified, the usage entitlement and fee of the monthly plan apply to local service only.
  • Unless otherwise specified, offer cannot be enjoyed with other promotional offers.
  • The Service is not applicable to "Data Auto-Refill".
  • Data usage information and record shown on different interfaces and message alerts may vary from real-time usage. 3HK shall not be held liable for any matters arising from any failure in relation to the timing, cancellation, transmission or delivery during application for free or paid data.
  • An SMS alert will be sent to customer when data usage nearly reaches the limit of subscribed data services. Customer may purchase flexi data top-up options through www.three.com.hk/3Care_eng which can be used for the remaining period of the month before bill cut-off date, and that top up data can be shared in HK, Macau and China. Any unused data usage cannot be carried forward to the next bill month. If data usage has reached the limit of subscribed data services, data usage will be automatically suspended.
  • In case of early termination of service plan or value added service plan (if applicable) during the contract period for whatsoever reasons, a liquidated damage fee will be charged by 3HK.
  • Hutchison Telephone Company Limited ("3HK") reserves the rights to amend the charges and terms and conditions (including but not limited to designated destinations and designated networks, their coverage, system compatibility and other relevant conditions of the designated networks) of The Service and to suspend or terminate any part of The Service at any time without prior notice, especially in case where roaming partner terminates cooperation with 3HK. 3HK shall have the final decision in case of any dispute
* 4.5G network is applicable to designated mobile device model only.
 I have read the terms and conditions and understand that my participation in this event is subject to the said terms and conditions. I consent to the use of personal information provided above for the purposes in relation to this event by Hutchison Telephone Company Limited.
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