3HK Founding Hong Kong's leading IoT network

The Internet-of-Things is emerging with unimaginable commercial value. To utilise the benefits of IoT, there is an obvious need in constructing an IoT network of wider coverage, lower energy consumption, and better efficiency in connecting billions of devices across the globe.

As Hong Kong's leading mobile communications service provider, 3 Hong Kong has collaborated with Huawei to complete the construction of end-to-end Narrowband Internet-of-Things (NB-IoT) in accordance with the 3GPP standard to facilitate tests and development of NB-IoT applications. This move enables us to expedite the development of Hong Kong as a smart city and marks a milestone in the city's technology development.

Benefits of NB-IoT

Wide coverage

Low energy consumption

Large-scale connection capacity

Secure transmission

High assurance of quality of service (QoS)

Increased cost efficiency

Internet of Things, IoT

The Internet-of-Things (IoT) is the concept of connecting everyday objects using built-in sensors to optimise cross-device collaboration and intelligent management. It can be applied to wearable devices, toys, vehicles, machines, architecture, and many other types of things. Generating enormous economic benefits to different industries and cities, IoT is the next major trend in global technological advancement.