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4.5G SIM with “First & Care” Service Plan
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4.5G SIM with “First & Care” Service Plan, Monthly Plan $4281 includes:

Infinity data2,3
(Exclusive for port-in customers)
Mainland China-HK-Macau3,5,6
1GB shared data
  • Enjoy new "First & Care" service 4
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Monthly Plan
(24-months contract)1
Local Data
Port-in customers enjoy
free upgrade to Infinity Data2,3
(originally $238)

Mainland China-HK-Macau Shared Data3,5,6
Exclusively for MoneyBack Members
Local voice mins
Enjoy new "First & Care" service4:
Purchase the new handset with priority3
$1,500 handset voucher
for separate purchases within the contract period
2 years warranty for the new handset
and 200GB cloud storage3
Thereafter Local Charge
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Other Data Top-up Options:
Mainland China-HK-Macau DataΔ,5,6
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ΔThe top-up data usage is applicable in local service only after expiration of the contract period.
Free Value-Added Services: Caller Number Display, Call Waiting, Conference Call, Call Barring, VoiceMail, Roaming Default Call, Call Forward Bundle and Call Forward Minute Package
- Text (per item): "Text" includes Text Info services and Text-based content downloads.
- Multimedia (per item): "Multimedia" includes Picture MMS, Video MMS, Picture and Video content downloads and streaming.
❖Customer is required to successfully linked up the relevant MoneyBack account ("MB App Account") to the 3HK postpaid service account ("3HK Account") of the customer via My3 App ("3HK Platforms") for related MoneyBack Points collection. 800 / 1,800 / 3,000 MoneyBack Points in total will be credited into customer’s registered MoneyBack account by MoneyBack Hong Kong in two tranches: 500 / 1,000 / 2,000 MoneyBack Points will be credited within 30 days of 3HK mobile service activation date; and 300 / 800 / 1,000 MoneyBack Points will be collected via My3 App by instalments of designated month during contract period. No MoneyBack points can be earned if the subscription with 3HK is canceled or terminated within 30 days of subscription date. Offer is valid until 31 Dec 2022. Offer is subjected to related terms and conditions. 3HK reserve the right to change the MoneyBack points reward scheme offer at any time without prior notice. For more details, please refer to https://bit.ly/382CrDq.
* Monthly 15GB local data of designated 4.5G SIM Monthly Plan includes basic local data entitlement of 6GB and 9GB bonus local data during contract period.
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