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4G LTE Data Package SIM
4G LTE Day-Pass Data SIM
3G Data SIM
Local Prepaid SIM
Data SIM 2 Day-Pass SIM 7 Day-Pass SIM 14 Day-Pass SIM
Service Charge (HK$)
Face Value $168 $248 $298
Local Airtime $0.1/min
Local Video Call Airtime -
Short Message / SMS Local SMS
(Intra / Inter-network)
International SMS $1.8/SMS
Local Data~ Per MB -
Default LTE Local Data Package1,2,3,7,8 $38/2-day
(Free 38 local airtime)
(Fair Usage Data Therhold change from 500MB to 2.5GB)
(Free 88 local airtime)
(Fair Usage Data Therhold change from 1GB to 3.5GB)
(Free 168 local airtime)
(Fair Usage Data Therhold change from 3GB to 5GB)
IDD Service
(Applicable IDD001 & IDD1968)
IDD001 / IDD1968 (Click for details)
+ Local airtime charge
Roaming Service Voice / Data / Roaming Data Daily Pass -
Extra Bonus/Special Offer -
Administration Fee4 $2/30 days
(waived for first 30 days)
Validity (after activation/recharge)5 60 days
3Super Talk 30-Day
Designated Destinations*
*Please click here for further information.
Recharge Bonus (Recharge)
Recharge Amount Bonus
$50-$99 -
$100-$199 $10
$200-$299 $50
$300 or above $100
"VAS" Package (Subscription & Cancellation)
Local Data Package2,3,7,8 $38/2-day
(Free 38 local airtime) (2.5GB Fair Usage Data Threshold)

(Free 88 local airtime) (3.5GB Fair Usage Data Threshold)

(Free 168 local airtime) (5GB Fair Usage Data Threshold)
WhatsApp Package7 $8 or $18 / 30 days
Call Waiting Service Local airtime
Call Forwarding Service Free of charge
  • Default LTE Local Data Package will be started & local data service is provisioned upon card activation.
  • The corresponding service charge $38/$88/$168 will be deducted from your prepaid SIM account immediately after package subscription.
  • LTE Local Data Package is valid for 2-day/7-day/14-day from the day of package subscription. The package will be terminated on the next day of package expired at 00:00 (Hong Kong time) automatically and there is no pro-rata calculation even the Pass is effective in the middle of the day. Manual re-subscription is required after package expired. Manual termination before package end date will be effective instantly and the remaining data usage will be forfeited at the same time.
  • The $2 administration fee will be waived for the first 30 days and will be deducted on the subsequent day every 30 days.
  • Card is valid for 60 days from the activation date. Each time you recharge your card, its validity will be reset for further 60 days to retain the mobile number.
  • Card is not supported the roaming service.
  • "Fair Usage Data Threshold" varies from customers to customers depending on the Rechargeable SIM card purchased, as specified on the relevant packing or our website. Once the aggregate local data usage of a customer in the relevant period beginning from the data usage reaches the relevant Fair Usage Data Threshold applicable to the customer, 3 Hong Kong shall have the right to reduce and restrict the data access speed (upload and download) to not less than 128 kbps. Please refer to "3Hong Kong Prepaid SIM Card Service Usage Policy and Fair Usage Policy" for details.
  • Non-used remaining free local airtime will be forfeited when data package is inactive.
  • Please click here for the details of WhatsApp Package.
  • Please click here fot the details of 3 SuperTalk Service.
"VAS " Package Subscription & Cancellation
Package Subscription Cancellation
(Free 38 local airtime)
(2.5GB Fair Usage Data Threshold)
*127 * 602 # # 127 * 602 #
(Free 88 local airtime)
(3.5GB Fair Usage Data Threshold)
*127 * 607 # # 127 * 607 #
(Free 168 local airtime)
(5GB Fair Usage Data Threshold)
*127 * 600 # # 127 * 600 #
WhatsApp Package $8 *127 * 510 # #127 * 510 #
WhatsApp Package $18 *127 * 511 # #127 * 511 #
3Super Talk Daily Package *127 *308 # # 127 * 308 #
3Super Talk Monthly Package (30 Days) *127 *359 # # 127 * 359 #
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