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Easier to check account information of data & voice usage and card validity etc
Apply the hottest service package via mobile app
After successful payment at ParknShop and Watsons store, the top up value will be loaded to your account instantly
Simply plug and play! No subscription, no contract and mobile data settings are required.
Top up your SoSIM with using QR code via SoSIM mobile app at 400+ ParknShop and Watsons. The top up value will be loaded to your account instantly after successful payment.
Value for money
Defaulted Package includes17:
$33 Infinity data usage* 50GB local data and 5,000 local call mins (valid for 30 days)
Good for everyone
SoSIM is suitable for everyone. Whether you are student, elderly person, a domestic helper or a second SIM card user, you can enjoy a hassle-free local data usage experience.
Charge (HK$) $33
Defaulted Service Package17 (Simply plug and play, enjoy service instantly) 30 days 50GB Infinity local Data*
(Recurring package upgraded to 60GB Infinity local Data*)
and 5,000 local call mins
Service activation within 60 days of purchase19
Local Voice $0.05/min
Local SMS Intra-network SMS Free 500 SMS for 30 days,
thereafter $0.3/pc
Inter-network SMS $0.5/SMS
International SMS Indonesia / Taiwan / Singapore $0.46/SMS
Malaysia $0.39/SMS
Other $1.8/SMS
Travel SMS $3.5/SMS
Administration fee Waived
Validity (after card activation)1 120 days
SoSIM sales channel All PARKNSHOP and WATSONS
After the default data package used up or expired, the data packages below are available for subscription
Local Data Package21 Charge (HK$)
Apply service package via mobile app
1-Day FUP 500MB* $10
2-Day FUP 2GB* $18
7-Day FUP 5GB* $25
30-Day18 FUP 60GB* (Recurring package upgraded from 50GB to 60GB) and 5,000 local call mins $33
90-Day18 FUP 120GB* $88
180-Day18 50GB Social Media Data9
Night Fever Unlimited Data Pack (Applicable to 23:00 - 07:00)14 10,000 Local Voice Mins
Travel Data Pass22 Charge (HK$)
1-Day FUP 500MB
Destinations: Mainland China / Macau / Philippines / Indonesia
365-Day 10GB
Destinations: Mainland China / Macau / Taiwan
SoSIM Added Value Service
Unlimited ZOOM meeting data package Charge (HK$)
Apply service package via mobile app
30-Day18 Unlimited ZOOM meeting
Applicable to 30-day and 90-day local data package subscription
New HD Voice Call Package (VoLTE) Charge (HK$)
30-Day18 Unlimited HD Voice Call and Normal Local Voice Call $18
180-Day18 $38
365-Day18 $65
Service Details
  • VoLTE (Voice Over LTE) means connection of voice and video call through 4G LTE network.
  • VoLTE service is only available under 4G LTE network coverage with designated handsets.
  • VoLTE voice call handset setting
Voice Mail Service Package (VoLTE) Charge (HK$)
30-Day18 Voice Mail Service Package $10
Check voice message and change settings Call to voice mailbox via Prepaid SIM card *32 (Applicable to Hong Kong only)
Call to voice mailbox via fixed line +852 6332-3232
Service Details
  • This service will be renewed automatically every 30 days and package charge will be deducted from the remaining balance of prepaid SIM
  • Once the service is activated, calls received in busy, no answer and unreachable conditions will be forwarded to voice mail automatically
  • To check voice message, local and roaming airtime will be charged
  • Calls forwarded to voice mailbox will be charged at airtime rate
10 Times MoneyBack Activation and Recharge Bonus
Register with the 3 Hong Kong "SoSIM" prepaid SIM card and top up the designated amount in ParknShop and Watsons to earn "MoneyBack" bonus points, during the promotion period. Customers visit the registration website to enter 3HK "SoSIM" Prepaid Sim Mobile number and MoneyBack member number to complete the registration
Register Now
Promotion details
  • 10 Times MoneyBack Promotion will end on 31-12-2021
  • Extra MoneyBack bonus points for purchasing SoSIM prepaid SIM card will be credited to MoneyBack account within 6 to 8 weeks after completing the online registration.
  • Extra MoneyBack bonus points for purchasing ePIN will be credited to MoneyBack account within 6 to 8 weeks after top up with the registered mobile number.
Purchase Item / MoneyBack Points Basic MoneyBack Points Extra MoneyBack Points Total
With in 5 days after purchase of SIM card or ePIN;
or 2 days after delivery
Within 6 to 8 weeks after completing online registration Within 6 to 8 weeks after Top up with the registered mobile number
$33 SoSIM Prepaid SIM 6 points 54 points - 60 points
$50 ePIN 10 points - 90 points 100 points
$100 ePIN 20 points - 180 points 200 points
$200 ePIN 40 points - 360 points 400 points
Terms and Conditions
  • Applicable to MoneyBack member only
  • Each mobile phone number can be registered at once
  • Accumulative top-up of $50 or above within calendar month can be enjoy bonus point
  • 3HK reserves the right to change all promotion without prior notice
"SoSIM So Smart" SmartExpense
From now on, the local data package for 30 days or above will renew automatically from the SIM card, if there is sufficient store value in prepaid SIM account. Easy to earn extra MoneyBack every time top up prepaid SIM with registered mobile number.
  • Purchase SOSIM prepaid SIM and activate Infinity data usage 50GB local data (valid for 30 days)
  • Card validity is extended to 365 days after top up $200
  • $33 Infinity data usage 60GB local data (valid for 30 days) renew automatically on 31st day
$33 SoSIM
MoneyBack Point
Basic Points 6 points
Extra Points 54 points
Total 60 points
Top up $200 at ParknShop or Watsons
MoneyBack Point
Basic Points 40 points
Extra Points 360 points
Total 400 points
Top up $200 to prepaid SIM account
Prepaid SIM account has sufficient balance, $33 Infinity data usage 60GB local data (valid for 30 days) automatically updated, and top up $200 is equivalent to continuous use of the service for 180 days
Extend Card Validity
Card validity extended to 365 days
IDD001 Voice Service20
How To Use & Setting
Recharge Method
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Watsons address click here
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