Basic VAS
Service Monthly Fee
Caller Number Display $35
Call Waiting6 $35
Conference Call6 $35
VoiceMail7 $50
Call forwarded minute package5 $30
Video Minute Packages^
Monthly Fee Video (min) Thereafter Charge (per min)
$28 60 Follow subscribed tariff plan
$58 150
$98 300
Voice Minute Packages^
Monthly Fee Voice (min) Thereafter Charge (per min)
$28 300 Follow subscribed tariff plan
$58 650
$128 3000
$198 Unlimited# -
VPN Connect Charge
Monthly Fee Service Data Usage Fee
$38 Enjoy VPN service using the assigned Public IP As per subscribed tariff plan or wireless data package
1. VPN access requires special hardware/software, which is not included in the service subscription fee.
* Should the thereafter charge of the bundle feature be different from that of the subscribed plan, the lower one will be adopted.
# Unlimited voice minute package is not applicable to the primary SIM and secondary SIM of Multi-Share SIM Plan.
^ If service subscription period is less than a month, the monthly fee & airtime will be prorated accordingly. Video minute and voice minute packages are not applicable to the HK-UK Sharing Monthly Plan.
5. Unlimited call forwarded video & voice call minutes are included.
6. One will be deducted for each video or audio streamed.
7. When a customer uses the Conference Call or Call Waiting service, airtime will be calculated according to the total time spent on all connected lines.
8. Each message will be erased automatically after 3 days (72 hours) from the date of message deposit. (Voice Mail Operation Guide)

Note: The above information is indicative only, subject to final announcement and terms and conditions to be stated.