Enjoy seamless local data service

With Data Auto-Refill, Monthly Plan subscribers can now enjoy seamless local data access. All you have to do is to make a one-time subscription, then the system will "auto refill" your data at a special rate of $8 per 100MB once your monthly plan data entitlement is used up. No contract and monthly subscription are required!

A hassle-free arrangement for seamless data access
  • Your data will be automatically refilled and you don't have to register every month
Special rate for top-up data
  • 100MB/$8
Monthly top-up charge max cap
  • Once your total spending on Data Auto-Refill $8/100MB reaches the monthly top-up max cap of $238/$338, you can enjoy unlimited data access at no extra cost. (For details, please refer to the table below)
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Data Auto-Refill $8/100MB
Monthly top-up data charge max cap $338
(applicable to the monthly plan with under 5GB basic data entitlement)
(applicable to the monthly plan with basic data entitlement of 5GB or above)
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