Local Data Pack

Mainland China, HK,
Macau Data Pack

Flexible Data usage within 3 months

  • Cross-Border Data Pack for Mainland China, HK, Macau with no contract requirement
  • With 3 months validity period for flexible cross-month usage
  • Hassel free to surf and keep connected with WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram in Mainland China-HK-Macau
3GB Mainland China-HK-Macau Data
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Mainland China-HK-Macau Data (3 months) Validity Period Package Price
3-month $198
Visit SUPREME Shop or contact us via SUPREME Hotline 3166-8866 for enquiry
Remarks: Once "Mainland China-HK-Macau Data Pack (3 months)" is activated, other data roaming products for Mainland China/ Macau are not applicable during the valid period of this Data Pack (3 months)( except "Mainland China-HK-Macau Shared Data")
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