Link Up SUPREME App and MoneyBack. Earn 500 MoneyBack Points. Easy Earn & Easy Burn
Pay bills with MoneyBack Points.
MoneyBack Reward Programme

MoneyBack Reward Programme

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Easy Earn and Easy Burn – Fab Fun at your Fingertips with the new MoneyBack Reward Programme

SUPREME has already joined MoneyBack Reward program as one of its retail partners offering a vast array of fabulous rewards and benefits. Apart from PARKnSHOP, Fortress and Watsons, customers can also easily earn and burn MoneyBack Points at SUPREME from now onwards.

There are many ways for customers to , including new subscription, contract renewal or plan upgrade, referrals, handsets or accessories purchases. SUPREME prestigious customers will also receive Points on their birthdays. On the other hand, customers can burn Points to settle SUPREME bills, redeem handsets or accessories, or redeem exciting rewards in SUPREME App#.

Link up your MoneyBack App account in SUPREME App# ! From now to 31 December 2023, 500 Points will be offered to customers after being linked. Action now !
Earn MoneyBack Rewards step 1
Earn 500 MoneyBack Points simply by linking your MoneyBack App account in SUPREME App#. Please don't miss the opportunity ! Offers valid till 31 December 2023.
Earn MoneyBack Rewards step 2
You will be treated with MoneyBack Points at different occasions including your birthday, member-get-member program or making purchases at SUPREME Shop. What's more, with new subscriptions to our SIM plan or renewals of your contract, you will be rewarded with up to 3,000 MoneyBack Points and extra 10% bonus 5G data per month^ as a token of our appreciation.
Earn MoneyBack Rewards step 3
We also offer an easy way to "burn" or use your Points with other retailers to make this programme even more fun and rewarding for you. You can use them as cash for paying your monthly mobile bill, or convert them to discount vouchers to redeem accessories or subscribe to popular entertainment services. For instance, you can enjoy up to 30% discount on Momax accessory kit, or redeem them for the "VDoctor+" medical consultation service or the hmvod 1-month membership.
^ Customer is required to subscribe designated 5G Monthly Plan, commit to minimum 24 months contract and pay for the Admin fee of $18 per month in order to enjoy the extra 10% data per month during contract period. Entitled monthly bonus data is calculated based on the monthly basic data entitlement of the service plan. Customer is required to present virtual membership card in the MoneyBack App for registration at point of subscription. Offer valid until 31 Dec 2023. Offer cannot be enjoyed in conjunction with other local bonus data offers (unless otherwise specified), other terms & conditions apply, please ask our staff for more details.
#Coming soon
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How to link up MoneyBack App account

link up MoneyBack App account step 1
Login to SUPREME App and click the right arrow
link up MoneyBack App account step 2
Click "Link Up Now"
link up MoneyBack App account step 3
Input MoneyBack App account. Click "Send verification code"

*The MoneyBack App account you are linked to must be registered with the same mobile phone number as SUPREME App account. If they are not the same, you can update the registered mobile phone number of MoneyBack App account, or create a new MoneyBack App account with the same mobile phone number as SUPREME App account.
link up MoneyBack App account step 4
Copy and input the Verification code once received the SMS. Click "Link Now"
link up MoneyBack App account step 5
Linked successfully. Click "Back to Home page" to return to index