SUPREME GETAWAY Travel Service, valid for 2 years, covers 110 detintations worldwide, including Japan, South Korea & Thailand.
Individual Version
Share Version
Surf internet conveniently
  • Flexible usage of 80 days of travel data
  • Covers 110 destinations worldwide
Share Travel Data
  • Choose the all new Share Version, for just $10 more each month
  • Share travel data with up to 4 mobile number at the same time+
Contact Us
Contact Us
Contract 24 Months
Include* 80 days of travel data
*Thereafter charge $25/day2a.
^The service can be used on existing SUPREME mobile number or on a new mobile number.
+Only applicable to mobile number(s) which are registered under the same HKID. For details, please visit Share Version.
SUPREME Hotline 3166-8866
Click here to view Getaway service terms and conditions
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