"Smart Roaming Firewall" Upgrade! Roaming voice and SMS usage identified as non-roaming usages are now included. It is available to roaming customers^ automatically, no application is required.

Have you ever consumed roaming usage involuntarily when you go yachting or hiking near the Mainland border?

SUPREME introduces the "Smart Roaming Firewall" function, which can identify non-roaming usage and waive the related roaming charges^ for you automatically when you are near the mainland border in Hong Kong and your mobile phone receives the roaming signal. Services include:

  • Data Roaming Daily Pass/RoamLite Pass
  • Getaway Travel/Getaway Deluxe service
  • Roam-in-Command
  • Mainland China & Macau 3-Day Pass
  • Standard roaming data, voice and SMS charge

"Smart Roaming Firewall" function covers remote areas including :

  • Popular yachting routes including Po Toi Island , Lau Fau Shan , Double Haven , Fan Lau , Tai Long Wan , Ham Tin and Long Ke Wan;
  • Hiking hotspots including Tung Ping Chau , Sha Tau Kok , Lin Ma Hang , Tsim Bei Tsui and Pak Nai

From now on, you can browse route information online and post pictures on social media from mountain to sea with ease without receiving shocks in your mobile bills.
^ "Smart Roaming Firewall" is available to SUPREME personal customers. The roaming charge waived by "Smart Roaming Firewall" will be shown on bill. In case of disputes, the decision of SUPREME shall be deemed as final.