Named as the Best Online Learning Platform of 2022*, Yorkshire Online Academy (YOA) is a leading online language learning platform in Asia. Learning with professional British and American tutors, YOA provides immersive, one-to-one interactive classes (Phonics, Speaking, Grammar, Trinity GESE and Mandarin) and more to children aged three and half years old and above.

  • Personalised learning: small group teaching approach (between 1:1 and 1:4) is used to enhance students' learning efficiency.
  • International curriculum: our global team of top-notch teaching experts from the universities of Oxford and Cambridge designed the curriculum for Hong Kong and Asian children from the age of four to fifteen years.
  • All-Rounded development: the curriculum focuses on enhancing students' core skills, including communications, confidence building, critical thinking, independent learning and interpersonal skills etc.
  • Officially registered examination centre: YOA is the first internationally recognised Trinity English Language Examination Centre in Asia, offering comprehensive assessment and certification for the exam.
  • Quality Assurance: We are the official partner of Hertford College of the University of Oxford, 3 Macau, Trinity College London and Macau Institute of Management, providing high quality training programmes to a wide range of schools, universities and organisations.
*Source: International Gifted Education & Art Association – Hong Kong Outstanding Education Business Awards.
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How to get your free trial lesson

Scan the dedicated QR code or click the dedicated link

Choose one-to-one language online lesson and click "Confirm"

Enter your required information and finish the mobile SMS verification, then click "Register"

Choose the subject of interest and fill in student's information then click "Submit"

Fill in the contact method of parents and click "Confirm to submit"

YOA customer service team will contact you upon receipt of your application
What tools or equipment are required during the lessons?
Please download the ClassIn App on your laptop / tablet / smartphone and contact YOA's customer service before login for the first time. You may change the password after first login.
Can I change the tutor mid-course?
You are free to change tutors anytime during the course. YOA will record the lessons, so you can check out other tutors, progress of lesson information and comments for a seamless transition when changing tutors. Please go to the Personal Centre on yoalearning website to book tutors.
Can I change or cancel my scheduled class?
You can change or cancel any scheduled classes 24 hours in advance, simply login to the YOA website and cancel the lessons in the “Personal Centre”. The booking credits will return to your account immediately.
Who can I contact if I have questions about the course details?
Please contact YOA's customer service team for any enquiries on courses, booking system and learning App. Contact information are as below:
Whatsapp: 6556 7908
Facebook: Yoa Ltd
Call: 6556 7908
I have already purchased one of the courses, can I purchase additional courses?
Yes, you may purchase additional courses on YOA website or contact YOA customer service team. All purchased courses are valid for 1 year. YOA operation hours are 09:00-23:59 from Monday to Saturday and 10:00-22:00 on Sunday.
Any expiration date for the courses?
All of our one-to-one courses are valid for one year, counting from the date of the "first lesson" booked for that specific course.
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