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Interconnection Service
Tariff No. U004-001 Published on 20 May 2009


Hutchison Telephone Company Limited ("HTCL")

1. Name of Tariff
Tariff for Local Call Interconnection Service (the "Service")

2. Effective date:
20 May 2009

3. Description of Tariff
This Tariff sets out the interconnection charge for the provision of the Service by HTCL to fixed telecommunications network services licensees, fixed carrier licensees and unified carrier licensees who provide fixed telecommunications services ("FNOs").

4. Charge

Type of Calls Charge per occupancy minute¹ ("Charge")
All local calls originated from the network of a FNO and terminated at the network of HTCL, regardless of whether the FNO is directly or indirectly connected to the network of HTCL. HK$0.18

¹ Occupancy minute means the time measured in respect of a call over the interconnection circuit between the seizure of a circuit and the release of the circuit.

5. Payment

5.1 HTCL shall invoice the FNOs for the Charge due in respect of the supply of the Service on a monthly basis. FNOs shall settle the invoices within 30 days after receipt ("Due Date") in full without set-off or counter-claim and free and clear of any withholding or deduction.

5.2 If payment of the Charge due is not received by the HTCL by the Due Date, HTCL may charge interest on the amount outstanding at the rate of 2.0% per annum over the prevailing best lending rate for Hong Kong dollars of the Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation in Hong Kong calculated from the Due Date to payment.

6. Any FNO, who directly or indirectly passes the call type in clause 4 of this Tariff to HTCL's network after the effective date of this Tariff, will be deemed to have accepted the Tariff, unless the FNO concerned has after 27 April 2009 entered into with HTCL a valid interconnection agreement which applies to inter alia, the said call type.

7. HTCL may vary any terms, conditions or rates of this Tariff from time to time in accordance with the licence conditions of HTCL's Unified Carrier Licence.

Revision History of this Tariff
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