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《5G. Syncs With The Power of Drums》4K live streaming
《5G. Syncs With The Power of Drums》
Music brings us all together. Hong Kong's first 5G outdoor 4K live streaming charity concert, 3HK×Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra "5G. Syncs With The Power of Drums" sponsored exclusively by HSBC, will be held on 13 Jun. Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra Percussion Team has partnered up with local artists Angela Hui, Kenny Kwan, Carlos Chan, and Angus Yeung to hit the stage, in the hope of cheering Hong Kong people up and spreading positive vibes with 5G.
Streaming Platforms
Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, 3HK, Metro Broadcast
Demonstration Video
A small act can bring strength.
  1. Watch the demonstration video, follow the beats and drum on anything around you.
  2. Upload your video to social media platforms (Facebook / Instagram)
  3. Tag #DrumChallenge #5GSyncsWithThePowerOfDrums #3HK #HKCO and 3 of your friends to do the same
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