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3HK × WeLab Bank Exclusive Offer, Double rewards when you open a WeLab Bank account!
A seamless, revolutionary banking experience brought to you by WeLab Bank! As long as you have your phone, you can open your account in as quickly as five minutes*!
Simply enter the promo code "3HK388" when you open a WeLab Bank account and complete a few easy steps after successful account opening, WeLab Bank will rebatewaive your 1-month 3HK phone bill up to $388 AND you will automagically participate in our newest 5G iPhone giveaway! Embrace the power of game-changing 5G banking technology!
*Actual time may vary depending on factors such as your environment, connectivity and mobile phone. Monthly Fee refers to 3HK Monthly Fee deducted Monthly Rebate (if applicable)
Download now!
Rebate 3HK monthly fee up to $388
A chance to win one of 80 5G flagship smartphones!
Enjoy increasing interest rates on time deposits
Open an account in as quickly as five minutes!!
Fully protects your data and privacy
Enjoy a cash rebate when spending with the WeLab Debit Card
Before opening an account with WeLab Bank, please note:
  • This campaign is exclusively for registered 3HK users (new / existing customers)
  • Please use your registered 3HK mobile number when opening a WeLab Bank account
  • Please enter the campaign code 
    during account opening in order to be eligible for exclusive 3HK offers
  • Complete the below tasks within 60 days of opening your WeLab Bank account and we will rebate waive 3HK phone bill up to $388 AND you have a chance to win an iPhone 12 or iPhone12 Mini!
Open your account now to get double rewards!
Follow below two steps and WeLab Bank will give you phone bill rebate upto $388 and you will automagically participate in the iPhone Lucky Draw
Create a WeLab Bank Account
Download WeLab Bank app from app store. Follow the instruction on WeLab Bank app and use your HKID information to create an account. Remember to use promo code "3HK388"!
Spend with WeLab Debit Card
Within 60 days of account opening, spend a minimum of HKD2,000 on Eligible Transactions*
*Money transfer excluded. Terms and conditions apply.
Type Upon WeLab Bank account opening and a minimum HKD 2,000 WeLab Debit Card spend How to increase chances to win Lucky Draw? Maximum Chances of Lucky Draw
未於WeLab Bank開戶的3香港客戶
Current 3HK customer
1 Lucky Draw chance 1 additional Lucky Draw chance for every HKD1,000 WeLab Debit card spend above the HKD2,000 requirement. Each person can get a maximum of 10 additional chances (equivalent to HKD10,000 spending) 11 ( 1 for all eligible participants + a maximum of 10 additional chances)
The higher the spend, the higher the chance
3HK customer with existing WeLab Bank account N.A Refer to WeLab Bank website
Lucky Draw takes place every month. Up to 80 iPhones will be given out!
5G Flagship Smartphone Lucky Draw Lucky Draw Date Number of Winners
Round 1 27 November 2020 16
Round 2 18 December 2020 16
Round 3 29 January 2021 16
Round 4 26 February 2021 16
Round 5 26 March 2021 16
*Lucky Draw event is hosted by WeLab Bank. Please refer to WeLab Bank Website for additional details.
About WeLab Bank
WeLab Bank is a homegrown virtual bank approved by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority. Through the power of fintech and the power of people, WeLab Bank seeks to help you in growing your wealth. 
Safety First
Just like traditional banks, we are regulated by the HKMA too! WeLab Bank is a member of the Deposit Protection Scheme. Eligible deposits are protected by the Scheme up to a limit of HKD 500,000 per depositor.
WeLab Debit Card
After successfully opening your account, you will instantly receive a virtual WeLab Debit Card that is ready to be used! This card only spends money you have in your account, preventing you from spending your future money. You will be notified of each transaction in real-time so you can easily keep track!
GoSave is a revolutionary banking product that harnesses the power of community. The more people who join a GoSave time deposit, the higher the interest rate will be! It is also highly flexible, and you can withdraw your funds before maturity with no extra fees!*
*Terms and Conditions Apply
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