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With effect from 5 January 2023, the service name of "3Care BowtieGo VDoctor + Membership Plan" will be changed to "BowtieGo VDoctor + Membership Plan". After the service name is changed, the signed service contract will continue to be valid, and the original service content and terms and conditions (including but not limited to service scope, fee, and service flow) will remain unchanged. Please contact 3iChat ambassador https://3ichat.three.com.hk for enquiries.
Customer who has successfully applied for "BowtieGo VDoctor+ Membership Plan" with 3HK can activate the service by clicking "Activate Now" and enter the activation code* as instructed.

*The activation code is sent to customer by email or SMS. You may search for the activation code in your email or SMS inbox using the keyword "BowtieGo".

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