Customer Feedback Management Policy
3HK aims to provide high quality of mobile communication products, network and service to customers. We highly treasure customers' opinion to formulate customer feedback management policy and set up a dedicated team to handle customer feedback. We also collect and analyze customers' feedback so as to improve various operation procedures, products and service quality.

3HK's customer feedback management policy is listed as below:
  1. provide free customer enquiry and complaint handling service to all customers,
  2. provide customers a convenient way to feedback product and service suggestion,
  3. provide the best resolution method with care, honest and professional attitude for customers timely,
  4. provide satisfactory feedback follow-up experience during the customer feedback handling process,
  5. record customer feedback handling process and information by using comprehensive system, analyze the customer feedback record to improve various operation procedures, products and service quality

Customer Feedback Channels
  1. Customer Service Hotline
    3HK establishes 24-hour Service Hotline 1033 so that customer can dial for enquiries and provide opinion about our products and service.
  2. Feedback by Letter
    • Customers can feedback by letter and mail to "Hutchison Telecommunications (Hong Kong) Limited", address: "PO BOX 999, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong".
    • Fax enquiry - Customer can fax written feedback to 2123 1297.
  3. Enquiry through Email
    We have a public email for customer feedback and the email address is cs.mobile@three.com.hk.
  4. Web Enquiry Form
    Customer can click here to submit feedback through web enquiry form.

Our company has participated in the Customer Complaint Settlement Scheme (hereinafter referred to as "CCSS").
The CCSS is a mediation scheme set up by the telecommunications industry to help resolve billing disputes in deadlock between customers and their telecommunications service providers.
The mediation service is provided by an agency set up under the Communications Association of Hong Kong, an industry association representing the communications sector in Hong Kong.

For further information on the CCSS, please call the CCSS hotline at 21809521 or visit the CCSS website at http://ccss.cahk.hk.

Performance Pledge
Customer can click here to get the performance pledge of the customer feedback management.