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Mobile Broadband Services
At 3 Hong Kong, we embrace a service culture and are committed to delivering the highest possible levels of service quality and customer satisfaction. Since pioneering Hong Kong-first 3G network in 2004, we continue our stature as a 3G, 4G and 5G service provider in the territory. Leveraging an advanced and extensive mobile network, we are dedicated to offering innovative high-speed mobile data services to enhance customers' experience in mobile broadband communication.

Our Performance Pledge
Last Update: 30 Apr 2024

Parameter General Description Performance Target Actual Performance
2024 Q1
Network Availability
(Note 1)
Availability of the core network Percentage of the uptime of the core network in an observation period 99.99% 100%
Service Restoration
(Note 1)
Time to repair The mean time to recover a fault in the core network 95% within 10 minutes 100% within 10 minutes
Customer Complaint Handling Complaint Acknowledgement
(Note 2)
The mean time to acknowledge a complaint, counting from the time of the complaint lodged by a customer 95% within 1 working day 100% within 1 working day
Complaint Resolution Time
(Note 2)
The mean time to provide first resolution to customer within 5 working days 90% 92%

  1. The target does not apply to interruptions due to scheduled or emergency network maintenance and upgrade, as well as circumstances beyond our reasonable control.
  2. General complaints do not include scenarios where the relevant customer is not reachable or when the information and/or supporting documents provided by the customer are insufficient to carry out trouble-shooting. Testings which require on-site testing or joint testing with other service providers or contractors are also excluded.
  3. The actual service performance will be affected by many factors, including but not limited to network configuration, coverage, network conditions, traffic conditions, conditions of servers being accessed, number of users, hardware or software limitation, user device, transmission technology, locations of wireless equipment etc. Because of those factors, the stated / targeted / pledged performance may not be achievable.