As the first local telecom operator to connect with all major mobile networks in mainland China, 3 Hong Kong is proud to offer our "Cross-network Roaming*" service, which now extends to popular travel destinations that are top favourites for Hong Kong people. These destinations include Japan, South Korea, Thailand and Australia.

You can instantly connect to all mobile networks while travelling, ensuring a seamless experience for dining, shopping, sightseeing, or in-depth exploration. Bid farewell to the inconvenience of local SIM cards and stay connected throughout your journey.

What is "Cross-network Roaming*"?
Cross-network Roaming*
No SIM swaps. You can instantly connect to all network providers upon arrival. When there is no signal at a particular location and time, it will automatically switch to the best network at that moment!
Without Cross-network Roaming
With a single SIM card, you can only connect to one network provider. If you encounter a weak signal, the only options are to buy another SIM or move to an area with a stronger signal.

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Cover All Network Providers
Mainland China
China Mobile
5G (VoLTE)

China Unicom
5G (VoLTE)

China Telecom
4G (VoLTE)
5G (VoLTE)

4G (VoLTE)

5G (VoLTE)

5G (VoLTE)
South Korea
5G (VoLTE)


LG Uplus
4G (VoLTE)
5G (VoLTE)

True | DTAC
5G (VoLTE)


Vodafone AU
Please choose from the plans below
RoamLite Pass
Data for light usage
Data Roaming Daily Pass
Infinite data for heavy usage needs
Mainland China & Macau 3-Day Pass
Top pick for flash trips to mainland China
Freely use travel data and voice calls
3 DAYS$138
GETAWAY Travel Service
Enjoy 80 passes of travel data in 2 years
*The data was retrieved from the official websites of local mobile operators as of 10 October 2023. China Broadnet does not provide inbound roaming service. Operators in designated destinations provide 5G/4G roaming service, subject to the factors such as coverage by individual mobile operator, system compatibility, network settings and configurations, the specifications of mobile device and other relevant factors. Only applicable to customers with relevant roaming service.