• Customers can enjoy "Cross-network Roaming*". The roaming coverage includes mainland China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand and Australia, which allows you to access all networks and enjoy the best network.
  • Enjoy travel data at a fixed daily rate
  • One daily charge while travelling in Mainland China and Macau or in Euro Zone on the same day
  • Able to access internet on selected aircrafts
  • Enjoy 5G high speed data roaming overseas**
Activate Now
Activate Now
or Dial shortcode to activate
Do I need to activate the service every time?
Simply click "Activate Now" button here or dial *107*1# with your handset to activate, it will automatically charge the daily pass when you are using travel data in the designated destinations.
How to calculate 1 Daily Pass?
Daily Charge starts to incur upon the successful subscription and usage of Daily Pass. A day means from 00:00 to 23:59 (Hong Kong time) wherever you are and the cut-off time is 23:59 (Hong Kong time) each night.
I forgot whether I have applied the service, how can I check?
You may dial *107*3# to check the subscription status. Or simply click "Activate Now" button here or dial *107*1# with your handset to activate.
Can I share my data by tethering?
Yes! No more hassle of picking up and returning the rental Wi-Fi modem, or adding extra weight to your luggage. Simply share data by tethering with your other mobile devices.
What to do if I would like to know more about the service?
You may contact us via 3Service Hotline 1033 or via iChat.
*The data was retrieved from the official websites of local mobile operators as of 10 October 2023. China Broadnet does not provide inbound roaming service. Operators in designated destinations provide 5G/4G roaming service, subject to the factors such as coverage by individual mobile operator, system compatibility, network settings and configurations, the specifications of mobile device and other relevant factors. Only applicable to customers with relevant roaming service.
** 5G roaming service is only applicable to 5G service plan customers - using 5G roaming compatible mobile phone and iOS/Android version - in designated destinations and networks.
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