IDD Service
Mainland China Service
Inbound Roamer Services
1 Pass travels the world

Connect on arrival, as low as $14/day
Leisure Travelers
One Pass keeps you connected in over 100 tourist cities across regions
7-DAY Pass From$98
Mainland China & Macau 3-Day Pass
Available in Mainland China and Macau
Freely use travel data and voice calls
3 DAYS$108
Data Roaming Daily Pass
One daily charge while travelling in Mainland China and Macau or in Euro Zone on the same day
RoamLite Pass
Share the fun of the journey with family, no need to worry about bill shock
Frequent Travelers
GETAWAY Travel Service
Enjoy 80 days of travel data in 2 years
Greater China Monthly Plan
Data shared in Mainland China, HK, Macau & Taiwan with one monthly plan
Free "Social App" data at 4 destinations
$188/month up
4.5G SIM HK-UK Sharing Monthly Plan
Data and voice minutes shared in
Hong Kong and United Kingdom
With UK local mobile service for free
$148/month up
Full Roaming and IDD service will be automatically activated or restored (applicable to those subscribers who had previously opted out of such function) upon subscription of the above services. Upon expiry of the above services, the full roaming and IDD function and day passes (where applicable) will remain active until customer unsubscribes or deactivates such services. To opt out of the aforesaid services, please contact 3iChat.
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