With "Hello" Ring service, you can choose your favorite song as connecting tone to share your mood today, or let your callers enjoy their favorite connecting tones personalized by you. What's more, you can preset caller groups and playing time of your connecting tones for your friends. Our library provides hit songs from all over the world; you can choose from Canto-pop, international hit songs, J-pop, K-pop, Movie or Drama theme songs to match with your mood today!

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"Hello"Ring App Introduction

Find the latest release and top download of "Hello"Ring Connecting Tone

Search Ringback Tone by categories and find your favorite "Hello"Ring Channel

Choose your favorite service plan and confirm subscription in "My Account".
(i. Enable download function after subscribed a monthly plan.
ii. Subscriber can check "My Collection" and other settings in "My Account" once after login.)

Click the song to enter song detail page to Pre Listen and Download

In "My Account", you can check out and edit all downloaded connecting tones and all kinds of play mode settings.

Q1 What is "Hello" Ring?
Ans : With "Hello" Ring service, your friends can easily understand your heartfelt feelings. Your callers can enjoy their favourite connecting tones personalized by you. You can personalize different caller groups and select the connecting tones that your callers would like to hear. What's more, you can pre-set the playing time of your connecting tones for your friends.

Q2 Under which condition(s) that I will be eligible to use "Hello" Ring?
Ans : If you are 3-3G/4G/5G subscriber, you can enjoy "Hello" Ring after you have subscribed to the service.

Q3 How do I subscribe to "Hello" Ring? What is the service charge?
Ans : To subscribe "Hello" Ring via this mobile application to "My Account”, log in with mobile number and 3Care password, select Service plan and confirm subscription. "Hello"Ring Service will be charged at $18 per month, for 1 self-select connecting tone + 1 assigned connecting tone with first 1 month free trial or at $15 per month, for 1 assigned connecting tone, extra download connecting tone charge is HK$6. "Hello"Ring Channel will be charged at $15 per month.

"Hello" Ring Channel
Q1 What is 「"Hello" Ring Channel」?
Ans : "Hello"Ring Channel provides a wide variety of connecting tones for user's selection. Each channel consists of 8 special connecting tones which will be automatically updated on every 1st day of the month. Subscribers only need to pay a monthly charge at $15 and enjoy hassle free of updated connecting tone. "Hello" Ring Channel include: Local Hits, International Hits, Music Mix , Romantic Song, Witty & Funky and etc.

My Collection
Q1 How many connecting tones can be stored in "My Collection"?
Ans : You can store up to 30 connecting tones & "Hello"Ring Channels.

Q2 What is Auto-renew function?
Ans : In general, each selected "Hello" ring is valid for 1-month starting from the date you downloaded. Auto-renew feature enable the designated "Hello" ring to be renew upon its expired & keep stored in your "Library". Upon the auto-renew of designated "Hello" ring is completed, a charge of M+$6 will be debited to your account while a free notification SMS will also be sent to your mobile phone accordingly.

"Playing Mode Setting"
Q1 What is "Playing Mode Setting"? What's relationship among "Playing Mode Setting", connecting tone in "Caller Group" and the connecting tone played at designated time?
Ans : When your callers' phone numbers are not in any of your caller groups, we will follow your setting in "All Callers Setting" and "Playing Mode Setting" to play the connecting tone for your callers. The setting in "All Callers Setting" and "Playing Mode Setting" will not affect the playing mechanism of the connecting tones in your caller groups, all callers or the connecting tones playing at designated time for a phone number.
Noted: If you set "Designated Connecting Tone", "Designated Channel" or "Traditional Hong Kong Connecting Tone" as your play mode, your setting on Caller Groups & Schedule will be overridden.
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