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  • Use data freely with the fixed daily charge7, never have to worry about any bill shock
  • Automatically enjoy Data Roaming Daily Pass on it's covered networks5
    Click here for the coverage and charges of Data Roaming Daily Pass.
  • Enjoy 5G high speed data roaming overseas**
Activate Now
Activate Now
or Dial shortcode to activate
How do I activate service?
Simply click "Activate Now" button here or dial *105*1# with your handset to activate, it will automatically charge the RoamLite Pass when you are using travel data in the designated destinations.
How to calculate 1 day RoamLite Pass?
Daily Charge starts to incur upon the successful subscription and usage of RoamLite Pass. A day means from 00:00 to 23:59 (Hong Kong time) wherever you are and the cut-off time is 23:59 (Hong Kong time) each night.
I forgot whether I have applied the service, how can I check?
You may dial *105*3# to check the subscription status. Or simply click "Activate Now" button here or dial *105*1# with your handset to activate.
Can I share my data by tethering?
Yes! No more hassle of picking up and returning the rental Wi-Fi modem, or adding extra weight to your luggage. Simply share data by tethering with your other mobile devices.
What to do if I would like to know more about the service?
You may contact us via 3Service Hotline 1033 or via iChat.
** 5G roaming service is only applicable to 5G service plan customers - using 5G roaming compatible mobile phone and iOS/Android version - in designated destinations and networks.
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