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Subscribe Handset Voucher Plan to enjoy up to $3,400 value. Free delivery. Subscribe Handset Voucher Plan to enjoy up to $3,400 value. Free delivery.
HONOR Magic Vs 5G
SIM + Standalone Offer
  • Subscribe Handset Voucher Plan to enjoy up to $3,400 value1
  • Existing customer upgrade can enjoy extra $500 Voucher
  • HONOR handset cover# (value $339) and HONOR Magic Vs inner screen protector replacement service (2 times in the first warranty year value $899)^
  • Free delivery4
Model Suggested Retail Price Subscribe Handset Voucher Plan to enjoy up to $3,400 off handset price discount1 SIM + Standalone2 Existing Customer3
HONOR Magic Vs 5G 512GB $9,999 $6,599
($3,000 + extra $400)
$8,749 $8,749
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5G SIM Monthly Plan Details
5G Handset Voucher Plans Detail
#Subscribe/purchase HONOR Magic Vs 5G to enjoy designated gift on a first-come first-served, while stock lasts.
^Screen protector free replacement service Terms and Conditions:
  1. The inner screen comes with a special protective film (folding anti-reflective AR optical inner screen film) when it leaves the factory. Please do not tear off or paste other protective films by yourself. If the main screen is damaged due to self-tearing or pasting other protective films, this service will not be enjoyed.
  2. Within one year of purchase (from the date of purchase), you can enjoy 2 times free replacements of the original screen protector.
  3. The customer needs to bring the Magic Vs in person to the HONOR-designated after-sales repair center for the replacement of the protective film service.
  4. The protective film will be replaced by the maintenance personnel of the customer service center on the spot, and the customer cannot directly take away the protective film.
  5. This free replacement is only for the inner screen protective film and does not include free replacement of : 1. External screen protective film 2. Internal and external screens
  6. This service will not be available under the following circumstances, and our company will make maintenance quotations according to individual circumstances:
    1. Any part of the machine has been arbitrarily modified, replaced, or repaired by anyone other than the company in any way; or
    2. Due to wrong operation, wrong connection to the power supply, malicious behavior, negligent use, liquid and dirt seeping into the machine, accidents, natural disasters, or armed damage, the phone itself is damaged and deformed, resulting in damage to the inner screen film.

♢Offer cannot be enjoyed in conjunction with other bonus local data offers (unless otherwise specified). Terms and conditions apply for bonus local data offer exclusively for Citi Credit Cardholders. For details, please click here.
*5G network experience may be affected due to various factors including but not limited to network setting/specification or coverage, the features or functionality of individual mobile device, transmission technology, network traffic and usage, speed of websites servers, service stability of other content providers, weather and other circumstantial factors (e.g. blockades such as buildings, mountains, tunnels) which may lead to radio interference. Subject to 5G Service Terms and Conditions of 3HK.
  1. Click here to view 5G Handset Voucher Plans detail and extra $400 is only applicable when purchasing the HONOR Magic Vs 5G using the handset voucher at the prevailing 3HK suggested retail price.
  2. Customer is required to subscribe designated 5G SIM subscription monthly plan with 24 months or above contract period and pay for the Administration Fee of $18 per month. Customer is required to purchase the designated model while subscribing SIM subscription. Each subscription can enjoy the offer once. The handset models / colour are available while stocks last.
  3. Applicable to 3HK Existing customers, order / purchase at designated3Shop to enjoy designated discount.
  4. Delivery service is not applicable to designated districts such as Ma Wan, Discovery Bay, Lantau Island and other designated districts of outlying areas.

HONOR Magic Vs 5G
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