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  • Activate "Telecommunication Data Based Travel Itinerary Card" for free. Travel to Mainland China with ease
  • Open Mainland China bank account and e-payment app*
  • Registration of entertainment, catering, taxi app etc at ease*
  • Use Mainland China mobile number to send SMS in Hong Kong
  • Convenient cross border travel and connect living cycle
Monthly Fee
Activate Now
Activate Now
Monthly Fee $19
Location Hong Kong Mainland China
Receiving SMS Unlimited
Sending SMS* (Per SMS) International SMS charge# International SMS charge# + Standard roaming rate
Receiving voice call (per minute) Deducts from local monthly plan entitlement Standard roaming rate
#Please click here for International SMS charging details.

*Whether this Mainland China Number is applicable for services in China (e.g. open bank account, register mobile apps), please contact the respective service providers for more details.

How do I activate service?
Simply click "Activate Now" button here or via My3 App. Choose Mainland China mobile number, upload document for Real Name Registration and activate service, all done online in just 3 minutes.

What does the service charge include?
$19 per month includes one Mainland China mobile number, get unlimited receiving SMS in Mainland China or Hong Kong.
There are similar Mainland China-HK 1-Card-2 Number services in the market, how is 3HK "Mainland China Number Service" different from them?
  • Some traditional Mainland China-HK 1-Card-2 Number services cannot receive SMS in Hong Kong via their Mainland China mobile number, but Mainland China Number Service can.
  • Mainland China Number Service will be added into your existing 3HK SIM, therefore you do not need to get an extra SIM or change SIM in order to use it.
What are the advantages of having Mainland China Number Service?
  • Use Mainland China mobile number to send and receive SMS in Hong Kong, open Mainland bank account, register mobile payment, taxi, shopping, catering app while still in HK, and enjoy the convenience once arrived in Mainland China.
  • Activate "Telecommunication Data Based Travel Itinerary Card" (referred as "Itinerary Card" below) with your China mobile number. Travel to Mainland China with ease.
What is "Telecommunication Data Based Travel Itinerary Card"? How can I activate my Itinerary Card?
  • Itinerary Card is a service introduced by Mainland China that allow an owner of a China mobile number to inquire his/her journey history to different countries, regions or inbound cities of the past 7 days. Itinerary Card should be presented when a person goes to public areas and takes public transport in Mainland China.
  • Customers must have a China mobile number in order to activate Itinerary Card. All customers of Mainland China Number Service / Mainland China & HK 1-Card-2-Number / Mainland China-HK-Macau 1-Card-Multi-Number may activate Itinerary Card for FREE by dialing *#132#. No extra registration is needed.
How can I cancel my authorization of Itinerary Card?
  • You may call 3Service Hotline at 1033 to cancel your authorization at any time.
  • Once authorization is canceled, service of Itinerary Card will be terminated, unless re-authorizaton is obtained.
What to do if I would like to know more about the service?
You may contact us via iChat.
Click here for the Terms and Conditions for "Telecommunication Data Based Travel Itinerary Card" authorization.
Click here to view terms and conditions.
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