Wireless Facility Monitoring
The solution monitors and reports environment parameters, helping property owners and management identify facility abnormalities at very early stage, prevent loss due to facility malfunctioning and save power for patrol and monitoring. This results in higher facility service level, reduced maintenance budget and better tenant experience.

Key features:
  • Remotely monitor environment parameters including temperature, humidity, water leakage, power consumption, door sensing, air quality, smoke, smell, etc. in real-time for service level assurance
  • NB-IoT connectivity provides better coverage even at basement or inner part of buildings
  • Wireless sensors can operate with either battery or AC power
  • Single dashboard for all sensor data including analysis and history
  • Alerts of multiple channels (SMS, email, mobile app) to alert operation team of abnormal readings
  • Workflow function for job assignment, updates and completion of checking and fixing the problems

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