5G Business Solutions Highlight
5G MESH Wi-Fi Solution
Say goodbye to landline broadband. Empower your office with 5G Mesh Wi-Fi network with this truly flexible and simple set-up.
5G Business Solutions
3 Hong Kong’s 5G network provides an unprecedented high-speed and low-latency experience accelerating digital transformation for businesses.
AI Contactless Car Park
5G lets drivers enjoy a seamless driving experience by passing through parking barriers with contactless entry and mobile payment.
Who needs a fitting room?
5G provides personalised experience to shoppers by significantly increasing digital interaction with consumers, merchandise and retailers.
Surveillance by robots and drones
5G enables real-time exchange of large amount of visual data. Drones and robotics help people remotely inspect and monitor the building facilities and infrastructures.
Build a better workplace
5G empowers digital workspace with adoption of smart conference rooms and IoT sensors.
Reshape classroom learning
AR and VR solutions bring innovation and creativity to teaching and learning.
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5G: Empowering Digital Transformation for Business
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