We are passionate about building the most reliable network, so that you can transcend your limits and enjoy more of what you love.
Covering nearly 600 indoor and outdoor premises
3 Hong Kong's strongest 5G network provides a superb mobile experience marked by super high-speed and ultra-low latency at close to 600 indoor and outdoor premises and facilities with high patronage, and has achieved a 5G coverage of 99%*. These include highways, shopping malls, commercial buildings, hospitals, universities, hotels and so on. With our network all set and the latest flagship phone ready, now is the time to upgrade to 5G.

* Based on the test results in relation to 3HK's 5G network and population distribution of Hong Kong conducted in January 2021.

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We keep improving
Upholding the vision of "3.OneWorld", 3HK provides digital lifestyle services which redefine Fintech, insurance, beauty and health, handsets and accessories, gaming and music via mobile communications. We keep improving our network and are working closely with handset manufacturers worldwide to bring in the latest 5G smartphones to offer you a superb 5G experience.
We develop 5G globally
CK Hutchison Holdings Limited (CK Hutchison) operates 3-branded mobile telephone networks and services in 12 markets across the globe. The brand is currently building its unstoppable 5G network in many places like Austria, United Kingdom, Italy, Ireland, Sweden and Hong Kong. Together we combine world-class expertise and technologies to help you succeed in the 5G era.
We provide 5G coverage to 99%*
3HK upgraded the existing 4G network architecture and completed 5G outdoor network trials in the 3.5 GHz and 28 GHz bands in 2018. We acquired the 3.5 GHz band in 2020 as well, which has been dubbed the "golden spectrum band" because of its high coverage and penetration in Hong Kong. 3HK's 5G network boasts coverage of 99%*. Going forward, we will continue to build the best and the strongest 5G network for customers.
We plan ahead
CK Hutchison Holdings Limited (CK Hutchison) comprises five core businesses - ports and related services, retail, infrastructure, energy and telecommunications. The company will take advantage of its own 5G technology and lead digital transformation across industries.
*Based on the test results in relation to 3HK's 5G network and population distribution of Hong Kong conducted in January 2021.
*Based on the test results in relation to 3HK's 5G network and population distribution of Hong Kong conducted in January 2021.
Jun 2022
The first mobile telecom operator to activate the base stations of 700MHz band spectrum, offering extensive coverage with ultra-strong penetration which enables 5G service to move forward to a new chapter and leading the way for Hong Kong’s further development as a smart city.
Jul 2021
Unveiling Hong Kong's first Big Bang immersive installation at the 3 • Orbstellar by XCEPT NFT BIG BANG Immersive Experience Hall, members of the public could explore crypto art and NFT for the first time in the territory.
Jul 2021
Built over 1,200 5G "golden spectrum" band base stations, covering Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, the New Territories and outlying islands. To date, 3 Hong Kong boasts the highest number of 5G golden spectrum band base stations in Hong Kong.
Jul 2021
Establishes 3 as the most reliable mobile network in Hong Kong. The 3 Group's experience operating in 12 markets across the world ascertains 3 Hong Kong as a truly global mobile operator.
Apr 2021
The first anniversary of our 5G service launch: 3 Hong Kong became the first local operator to build over 1,000 golden-spectrum band base stations boosting network capacity in high traffic locations.
Feb 2021
Spearheads industry in developing 5G business solutions equipping leaders in four key industries to facilitate effective digital transformation and embrace the new normal.
Oct 2020
Attains 5G coverage of 99%* territory-wide in Hong Kong.
*Based on the test results in relation to 3 Hong Kong's 5G network and population distribution of Hong Kong conducted in January 2021.
Jun - Jul 2020
Deploys latest 5G 4K live broadcasting solution to jointly organise Hong Kong's first 5G 4K live streaming Chinese music charity concert with the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra.
Apr 2020
Launches its much-anticipated 5G mobile service served by a powerful 10Gbps optical-fibre backhaul network, offering customers ultra-fast speeds with super-low latency.
Jan 2020
Launches with CK Hutchison Holdings Limited the group's first 5G smart mall, the OP Mall in Tsuen Wan, signalling 5G coverage is on its way.
Mar 2019
Appointed as the lead operator by of Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) to install an integrated 5G radio system, provide 5G coverage and develop a "5G Smart HKCEC".
Oct 2018
Becomes the first local mobile operator to broadcast live outdoor via a 5G network in the 3.5GHz band using compatible equipment.
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